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How Long Can Forex Positions Be Extended?

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How Long Can Forex Positions Be Extended?

If you do not want to be adversely affected by excessive price fluctuations and want to keep the risk low, you can carry your current position to the next days.

If you do not want to be adversely affected by excessive price fluctuations and want to keep the risk low, you can carry your current position to the next days. If we look at the general statistics, 80% of the investors make their transactions between time periods not exceeding 1 week. The remaining part extends the maturity period of its investments according to the ratio of the position meeting the expectations. Generally, transactions are made in less than 2 days. Positions are closed in the short term and instant gains are obtained. Of course, the trader must have sound knowledge of forex. Because the instantaneous retracement or rise of price levels requires good control for conscious management of investments. That's why you should practice on trial accounts rather than open real accounts until you dominate.

Before investing, you should anticipate the movements in the price levels of the instruments, follow the market and make price analysis. You should make use of all the helpful tools. You should set a target by deciding whether the trend direction will be bearish or bullish. Likewise, you should decide on the stop loss level, considering the possibility of it going wrong. Thus, you can accurately determine the time intervals you need to make your transactions. You can either terminate your transaction according to the development of prices, or you can rollover by moving it to the next day. This situation is completely related to whether the instruments reach the points that will meet your expectations. bintradeclub

Extending Forex positions also generates interest gains. Because of this issue, Turkish investors are in a religious dilemma about whether to postpone their positions or not. You know that earning interest is haram according to the religion of Islam. For this reason, there are those who think that investing in forex, even though it is profitable, is haram to be in the market and to evaluate the savings. This is definitely a subject of debate. Interest-free, swap-free Islamic forex accounts were developed in order to ensure confidence and increase participation in the market. Thanks to these accounts, you can transfer your position to the next day without earning interest. You can earn money in forex by making your investments in accordance with Islam.

Are There Any Limitations on Opening and Closing Positions in Forex? 

Are There Any Limitations on Opening and Closing Positions in Forex? Except for the weekend, there is no limitation in the forex market, which offers the opportunity to evaluate your savings 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. You can carry out your transactions as you wish in the time zones where the market is active. Since there is no physical buying or selling, you can take advantage of the decrease in value by opening a sales transaction on the instrument that is not in your portfolio. For this, you need to understand the logic of bidirectional operations. Because, thanks to the positions created on both sides, profits can be made while the value of investment instruments both increases and decreases. This is very advantageous for investors. In terms of opening and closing positions, investors are lucky as they do not pay commission fees to brokerage houses, unlike the stock market. Because institutions that act as a bridge between the market and the investor and make forex transactions do not charge any fees. In this way, investors can buy and sell all positions they deem advantageous without paying any additional fees. The important thing here is, of course, to be able to make profitable transactions.

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